As seen by the surrounding logos, our clients span the globe, large and small, across all levels of precision and production volume. Companies will typically have precision grinding or abrasive machining process needs. They are usually a combination of machine tool, part, fixture, grinding wheel, dresser or fluid related problems. They may be process problems, where productivity needs to be improved, or the part cost needs to be reduced, quality increased or product repeatability maintained. They may also have a need for training. With only the technical truth, we explain the situation, recommend an action or demonstrate a solution. We may even admit that there is no solution and another technology is prescribed. We sell nothing but the technical truth and work independently, representing no one and having no allegiance to any companies, products or services. It is our independence and reputation that provides the confidence for us to work in areas of proprietary programs with the highest security and attention to the customer's need to keep a product or process secret and so maintain a competitive edge.
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