We have access to a machining laboratory equiped with a fully instrumented grinding machine and machining center located in Owens Community College, School of Technology, in Perrysburg, Ohio. The lab' and equipment is a cooperative venture between Master Chemical Corporation, Dr. Salmon and the college. We also have access to a Haas Technology Center in an adjoining lab' where the very latest machining centers are used for training, demonstrations and process development.

We measure machining and grinding forces, using state of the art piezo-electric dynamometry along with vibration sensors, electrical power monitors, surface finish, dimensional size and profile gauges.

Data is logged using customized LabView software and analyzed using DaDisp. Processes have been modeled by Dr. Salmon who uses a combination of his own proprietary software and BrainMaker neural network simulations.

We also have the capability to produce the highest quality digital photography and videography for reporting and training.

Our Facilities
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For directions to the lab'. click on the Owens logo to be taken to the college site. The lab' is housed in builiding #11 Industrial & Engineering Technologies.