Our consulting activity generally fits into one or more of the four following scenarios:
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Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys now the TASA Group.
TelTech/Intota now Guidelines.
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I'd like to know more about:
A company has a specific problem, either with an existing production precision grinding system or operation, or it is looking to grind a new component either as a prototype or in an R&D program for future product production scale-up.
A company has the need for education and training. It may be a primer course for existing personnel or advanced courses in higher level technology. Dr. Salmon has taught at all levels, from college courses in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, to performing technology demonstrations at industry expositions.
A company or a person may have had an accident or there is a dispute which requires an expert witness to assist a law firm with its case.
A company sees that it needs an independent overview of its technology. What can it do with its existing compliment of tools and labor and where might it best employ the latest abrasives technology? Can it justify the purchase of new equipment and what can it expect from the investment?