The first ISAAT (International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology,) ISAAT '97, was held at the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Sponsored by the University of Sydney, ANCA and Benson MFI, it began a series of world renowned symposia, held annually, since then, in Brisbane, Australia, Hawaii, USA, Seoul, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Bristol, England, Bursa, Turkey, St. Petersburg, Russia and Dalian, China. It was in 2002, in Hong Kong, that ICAT was formed, the International Committee on Abrasives Technology, the conference organizing arm of ISAAT. Click on the ICAT logo for more information.

While in Australia, Dr. Salmon visited local companies with Benson MFI, promoting the latest grinding technologies and helping trouble-shoot current production problems. Click on the Benson logo for more company information.

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