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Patent 6,669,747 relates to a concept for keeping electro-plated superabrasive grinding wheels free from loaded material and therefore extending their useful life. A previous patent, 5,139,537 was awarded for coating electro-plated grinding wheels with the common wear resistant TiN and TiC coatings, used in the cutting tool industry. A very slight increase in wheel life was realizes but this was created more from the heat treatment of the bond from the coating process which held the grains more tightly in the matrix, preventing grit pull-out, than the wear resistance of the coating. Patent 6,669,747 recognizes the claim of the prevention of wheel loading, using hard lubricant coatings, as being the reason for the extention of wheel life. An added bonus is that high pressure jet cleaners are not required reducing both misting and foam.
Advanced Technology
US Patent 6,669,747
Patent 6,669,747 was assigned to Master Chemical Corporation. Please click on their logo (left) to be taken to their web site.