Dr. Salmon is one of the world's leading authorities in the area of precision grinding and abrasive machining processes. He is the President of Advanced Manufacturing Science & Technology and Next Generation Technology Group Inc. With a research laboratory located in Northwest Ohio, Dr. Salmon’s company serves the manufacturing industry world-wide with engineering consulting, product testing, process optimization, process and product design, as well as education and training courses. With over 20 years of experience, in the engineering consulting business, Dr. Salmon has forged relationships with some of the largest to the smallest corporations and businesses in the world. Dr. Salmon’s passion for manufacturing is legendary. As a respected author and sought after speaker and educator, and as a Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers he gives his time to encourage students in schools and colleges to embrace manufacturing as a noble life’s pursuit. Advanced Manufacturing Science & Technology is the flagship division of Next Generation Technology Group Inc. Dr. Salmon runs a lean business, contracting the highest caliber assistance, when required for large projects, keeping overhead to a minimum, yet maintaining the highest level of engineering excellence.
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