Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology

Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology was formed on August 4th, 1983. Dr. Salmon had spent 10 years, virtually to the day, with Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, in England, in 1979 and after 4 years with General Electric's Aircraft Engine Business Group, the large corporate structure with it's inherent inertia to "get things done" and "short-term bottom line economics" was weighing on his soul. The only way he saw to break free was to leave and start his own consulting company, which he did, based in Cincinnati, OH, USA. His business grew, moving in waves, not of highs and lows, but in the technology of his clients. That is still true today. At any one time the Aerospace industry might be the high priority or they may wane as the Medical or Electronic, Defense or Consumer Goods industry becomes the new leader. Automotive is the one industry where there has appeared to be little interest in innovative abrasive technology, until the turn of the millennium when materials began to change. Grinding is a materials driven process. With the acceleration in the industrial application of ceramics, cermets, whisker reinforced plastics and hybrid materials and alloys, there needs to be an effective and efficient way to machine them. Abrasive machining technology is the solution and Dr. Salmon can help, with his expertise, his passion for manufacturing and his enthusiasm to make things happen.

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